Physio race events

Race Events

Adventure Physio are proudly affiliated with the following race events.

Old Mutual Joberg2C Berg and Bush Sani2C
Dusi2C Oxpecker Trail Run RunTheBerg
RideTheBerg Giant Cup Trail Run Lesotho Ultra Trail
Wildlands Wild Series    


Old Mutual Joberg2cOld Mutual Joberg2C

This spectacular 9 day mountain bike ride starts in Johannesburg and ends at Scottbourgh beach. You will be riding on some impressive farmlands, meeting incredibly gracious hosts and be looked after like Kings and Queens.

The first three days are going to test you and your training- some nice long flat district roads await you. Get on to the eccentric program and stretch those calves, hami's and quads to avoid the dreaded Achillies Tendinitis.

Berg and BushBerg and Bush 

A 3 day and 2 day MTB ride in the foothills of the spectacular Drakensberg.  The 3day starts on the Drakensberg escarpment just outside Harrismith and winds down some impressive technical tracks to get to Emseni camp on the banks of the Tugela river. The two day will have you exploring tracks mostly made by the cattle and wildlife around Emseni. This will feel like a home away from home. Great food and exceptional tracks.

Prepare yourself for all sorts of weather, but especially the heat. Hydration is key. Put some efforts into climbing- strengthen up those gluts and quads.


The ever popular event from Underberg to Scottbourgh. This has to be one of the most impressive stage races in the world - views, hospitality and well manicured tracks.

Lots of fast riding here so make sure you stay on the bike- core work is key to maintain your stability.



Sani2C's little brother race. If you are not keen on being in a canoe what better way to experience the valley than on your bike. The 2 day race starts in Pietermaritzburg and finishes by the sea in Durbs! You will be following tracks all the way along the Dusi river through some magical terrain.

Oxpecker Trail RunOxpecker Trail Run

This two day Trail run is for those who are keen on  seeing what it's like to' Run' the Berg and Bush.

Don't be fooled by the distances... I strongly recommend training the quads and gluts for some good climbs up Spionkop and then to work on your eccentric control to protect those joints for the fast technical downhill's.


Run the BergRunTheBerg

The title says it all. You are in for some of the best views the Drakensberg has to offer! This well organised 2 day trail run will have you smiling up a storm.

Get those ankles nice and strong- you will be going over some rugged terrain and will be grateful for putting the few hours of rehab in. A great trail run and one definitely for the bucket list.

Ride the Berg

RideThe Berg

Not keen on running? All out Adventures Chris Mecklenborgs' custom built mountain bike trails are a pleasure to ride.

Some long steep climbs will test those glutes and quads.

Giants Cup Trail RunGiant Cup Trail Run

The Southern Drakensberg  towns of Himeville and Underberg host this trail runners delight.

It is a two day event, and we have treated a few ITB's here. I recommend getting all the biomechanics of the hips and knees assessed and rehabilitated well in advance.


Lesotho Ultra TrailLesotho Ultra Trail

A trail runners MUST do! Hosted at the wonderful  Maliba Mountain Lodge in Lesotho. Altitudes, big climbs, steep descents are the price you pay for the spectacular views.

Patello Femoral ( knee) pain is on the menu here- put some time into training the correct hip, knee and foot alignment.


Wildlands Wild SeriesWildlands Wild Series

Three Cranes, Golden Gate, Giants Castle, Mont Aux Sous, Imfolozi, Kruger2Canyon

Visits to some of South Africa's greatest reserves are on offer here...and you can feel proud to be donating towards a really great and worthwhile cause.
Some really challenging routes out here that will reward you with spectacular views, secret river crossings and good opportunities to spot game and birds.

For the trail runs it's the knees and ankles and I would suggest taking one training run in the week to work on strength and style.


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