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Testimonials from the Race Organisers


Old Mutual Joberg2C

Every year we put together a competent medical support team to ensure riders will receive the best medical support possible.
For the past few years we have had the pleasure of working with Claire Fuller, who was our official physiotherapist for the event. Claire also coordinated an awesome Physio team who delivered an exceptional service. We will be working with Claire again in 2016.

Old Mutual Joberg2C Claire gave our medical support team professional direction and was outstanding in treating the various injuries. It is not easy creating a temporary clinic each day and being in the field for 9 days but Claire showed us that she could get our riders back on the bike for more pain and pleasure with their magic touch.

Should you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Craig Wapnick - Race Director


Berg and Bush Berg and Bush

Claire Fuller from Adventure Physio has been a part of the Berg and Bush 3 day cycle race for the past 3 years. She sets up her own physio section allowing cyclists to get  specialized treatment during the event. This has added  value to the event as the cyclists enjoy having this professional service available. Claire is very professional in what she does and is a pleasure to work with. We also receive very positive feedback from the cyclists themselves.

Gary Green- Race Organiser


RunTheBerg/ RideTheBerg RunTheBerg/ RideTheBerg RunTheBerg/ RideTheBerg  

As the sun starts to peak above the mountains, Runtheberg runners are already pounding up the hills and preparing to hit the first steep climbs. Hours and lots of blood, sweat and tears later back at the Race Village at the All Out Adventures Adventure Centre they are grateful to collapse into the warm smile and healing hands of Runtheberg’s resident race physiotherapist AdventurePhysio Claire Fuller. Local girl and trail runner herself, Claire knows just what the body goes through running in the mountains, and her expert physiotherapy skills and experience are just the medicine for tired runners to get their legs and bodies ready to do it all again the next day.

Warren King, Chris and Loretta Mecklenborg

Giants Cup Trail Run

Giants Cup Trail Run  

Having Claire Fuller from Adventurephysio at our Giant’s Cup events is an absolute must. Her professionalism, attention to detail, willingness to go the extra mile and, of course, bubbly personality make her and Adventurephysio a perfect fit for our events.

Spurge Flemington and Matt Goode


Testimonials from the Doctors and Medics

Dr Rick Diesl

Dr Rick Diesl

Claire has a passion for her work. Combined with experience, a professional setup and friendly service makes her team an asset to any race and a secret weapon for the athletes!

Testimonials from Our Physiotherapists

Sharks Medical Centre Sharks Medical Centre  

It is such a privilege to be able to work outdoors assisting athletes as they start and finish their races each day. As Physio's we are able to build relationships with the athletes and assist them daily as their needs and requirements for performance change.

Amanda Hawke

Christa Oosthuizen- Harrismith
Working for adventure physios is an experience  of a lifetime!
It gives one the opportunity to broaden their physiotherapy experience and knowledge while enjoying it all in a outside and adventurous office.

Christa Oosthuizen- Harrismith


What our patients have to say


Belinda Van Der ReitMountain biker/ Trail runner/ Mountaineer- an exceptional and humble athlete.

Over the years I have enjoyed the physiotherapy services of Claire fuller at variety of sporting events. Claire has provided much needed therapy with great care accompanied by a sense of professionalism & friendliness. I highly recommend her services & have had wonderful results from my sessions with her .

Belinda Van Der Reit- First client of AdventurePhysio

Adventure Dynamics InternationalManaging Director of Adventure Dynamics International

Thanks to Claire and the team at Adventurephysio!  Always great to pull in from a hard day of mountain bike stage racing and have the professional treatments the team provides. I never go without them, you have always helped with the recovery for the next big day and the niggling injuries of old!  Thanks again Claire!

Sean Disney


Anouk Baars Meeuwis

I meet Claire at the Giants Cup stage trail running race . It was my first race after having torn, my rectus fermoris (hip flexor) - grade 3. I had gotten the all clear to run but nevertheless I could always feel while walking my injury . The night before the start of the race and every night in between the stage race she massaged and treated it and continued by strapping it. And truth be told I never ever felt that hip ever again neither on that run or any other run since . Magic ! She is now become a friend cause she is just so enthusiastic for each and every athlete out there! I can't wait to see her at the next race as my Physio and as a friend!

Anouk Baars Meeuwis

Editor TRAIL magazine and Trail Runner

Claire has contributed to the magazine a few times now. Her in-depth knowledge and passion for the trails and athletes on them is evident! Any question I have about technical aspects of treatment and recovery are answered soon, and Claire is fastidious about referring to other experts to give the most accurate answers possible. Keep an eye out for her writing in future issues!

Héloïse Alexandra Hunter Marshall


As a race participant I have always received exceptional treatment from Claire and her team. She is a very experienced and knowledgeable physiotherapist and treats all her patients in a professional manner. She is always smiling not matter how hard she is working. I would not be able to complete the race with the attention of Claire and the members of her team. Thanks Claire!

Ann Olivier- Multiple Joberg2C finisher.




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